Russian film and TV producer, TV host. Candidate of Arts. Deputy General Manager of the National Media Group for entertainment programs, general manager of the СТС TV channel. Co-chairman of the board of Russian Film and TV Producers’ Association. Co-founder of the production company COSMOS Studio (since 2015), former president of the Amedia Company (2002–2015) and the Russian Television Academy Fund (2013–2022). In 2021 he set up and headed the Film Institute with the Higher School of Economics Research University. He developed and produced over 100 TV programs and series. His producers filmography includes “The Lover” (2002), “Law of the Lawless” (2002), “The Nanny” (2004–2008), “Don’t Be Born a Beauty” (2005-2006), “Ekaterina” (2014–2023), “Doctor Preobrazhensky” (2018–2023), “Elizaveta” (2021) and many other projects.


Russian stage, screen and TV actress, director, scriptwriter. Merited Artist of the Russian Federation. Graduated from VGIK (class of Alexei Batalov). In 1990–2003 she lived in Lithuania and worked at the Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre. Acted in movies and TV series “Midshipmen, Onwards!” (1987), “Vivat, Midshipmen!” (1991), “Over the Dark Water” (1992), “You Are” (1993), “Atlantis” (2002), ”One Life” (2003), “Esenin” (2005), “The Last Quarry” (2006), “The Man Who Knew Everything” (2009), “Only You” (2011), “Five Stars” (2012), “Major Sokolov’s Hetaerias” (2014), “72 Hours” (2015), “Army Boots” (2014), “Anna Karenina” (2017), “Roller Coaster” (2019), “Correction and Punishment” (2021), “Let’s Find Each Other” (2020), “GDR” (2023), “I Won’t Say” (2023), “Onegin” (2024) and others. Her directorial filmography includes “Rock, Paper, Scissors” (2019) and “Montevideo Unit” which was screened at the MIFF last year in the Russian Premiere Competition.


Russian director, scriptwriter and producer. Graduated from the department of journalism at the Moscow State University and from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (class of Alexander Mitta). Winner of 4 Golden Eagle Awards, of the main prize and audience award of the MIFF. Winner of the Government of Russia Award in the sphere of culture. His directorial filmography includes “My Home” (2000, doc.), “Gleb” (2002, doc.), “Poster” (2006, short), “Viktor Astafyev. Merry Soldier” (2010, doc.), “There is Such a “Landlord” (2010, doc.), “Loafers” (2011), “Bridge Over an Abyss” (2012, doc.), “My Great War. Veterans Remember” (2012, doc. series), “14+” (2015), “A Siege Diary” (2020), “14+ Sequel” and others.
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