This program will continue the project started in the previous edition of MIFF, aimed to acquaint the festival audience with a kind of so-called “commercial” films, tended towards popular genres and forms, produced by filmmakers and appreciated by viewers of the countries we consider exotic.

Surely, the cinematography of India and China, despite their undoubted cultural identity, could hardly be called definitely exotic – their productions have long been successfully shown around the world, becoming an integral part of the major international film process and steadily continuing to gain worldwide popularity. For example, the developed film industries of Nigeria (occupies one of the leading places in the world for the number of annual premieres), Malaysia or the Philippines, which actively operate on the domestic and regional markets, in many ways remain a far away secret to us.

We are sure that cine lovers will find a lot of new (and sometimes recognizable) things in this program, will enjoy its genre and thematic diversity, as well as cultural identity.

Sergey Kapterev

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