Michael is French/Italian. He graduated in economics in France (Neoma Business School) and studied cinema at New York University (Tisch School). After working for 15 years in the oil & gas industry, he co-founded Panoramic Film in Rome (Italy) providing line producing services and then coproducing shorts and feature films. In 2004, he directed the short film “Goodbye Antonio”, screened at over 50 international film festivals. In 2011, he made his feature-length debut with “The Heir”, a psychological thriller well-received by critics and audiences alike. His second feature “Governance”, a drama set around the oil industry, was released on April 2021 on Amazon Prime. “Governance” earned him Silver Ribbon nominations and a Golden Globe Award (Globo d’Oro) for Best Screenplay in Italy. The film won the Kinéo Prize for best first/second feature at the Venice Film Festival 2021.


Born in Moscow. In 2003 graduated from the Schukin Theatre Institute. Stage and screen actress, TV host. In 2016 was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre. Acted in more than 50 movies and TV series including “Dismissal” (2004), “Wood Grouse” (2008), “G-Factor” (2009), “Cream” (2010–2011), “School” (2010), “Till Night Doeth Us Part” (2012), “The Ch. Brothers” (2014), “Goodbye, Mom” (2014), “Sadovoye Koltso” (2016), “Tender Age Crisis” (2016), “Matrioshka” (2016), “Probability Theory” (2016), “The Bride” (2017), “Acid” (2018), “Dead Lake” (2018), “Mistresses” (2019), “Sunday” (2019), “A Good Man” (2020), “Ugrym-River” (2020), “Happy End” (2021), “The Possessed by Dostoyevsky” (2021), etc. Golden Eagle Award nominee for the part in the TV series “Shrine” (2020).


Kuldip Patel is an independent filmmaker based out of Mumbai (Powai). Co-founded November films under which his feature film (as a writer and producer) “Gujarati” (2019) released across 125 screens and is now available on Amazon Prime. “Powai” is his first directorial venture.


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