Born in 1954. Studied film art at New School of Social Research in New York. On return home he directed 16 TV dramas before doing his first film “Woman Wife and Whore” in 1993 and also did radio programmes on Jazz at Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM). Wrote and directed stage plays and had a weekly column in “Watan” newspaper. His films were invited to international film festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, Busan, Tokyo, Telluride, and others. Nantes Film Festival (France) did a retrospective of his film works in 2001. His filmography also includes “Potrait of Ayu” (1994), “The Arsonist” (1995), “Jogho” (1998), “Swing My Swing High My Darling” (2005), “Hanyut” (2017), etc. One of the creative advisers for the 4th Middle East Screenwriters Lab for The Royal Film Commission Jordan under Sundance Institute (2008). Curator of film programs, of art and of poetry readings.


Film director, screenwriter, producer. Graduated from VGIK in 1998. In 2003, founded her own film company, the Vstrecha Film Studio. Multiple winner of Russian national awards TEFI and Laurel Branch. Participant and winner of international and Russian festivals. Since 2009 has been working as chief film director of the Documentary Film Directorate of the main Russian TV Channel JSC “Channel One”. Chairman of the State Examination Board of VGIK (faculty of directing). Her filmography includes documentaries “Boost” (2001), “The Clown Family” (2003), “Kostya Tszyu. To Be Number One!” (2004, with A.Kogan), “Timur. The History of the Last Flight” (2005), “The Last Kiss. Marina Vladi – Vladimir Vysotsky” (2007, with A. Kogan), “Life is Always Concrete” (2011), “Who is This Kusturica?” (2013), “Overdrive. Return Point” (2016), “Overdrive. Return Point” (2016), “Witnesses of Love” (2018), “UNseparation” (2022), etc.


Born in 1955 in Semipalatinsk. After finishing school entered the Dzerzhinsky Military Engineering Academy in Moscow and quit after the 2nd year. In 1982 graduated from the Kirov Kazakh State University in Almaty, in 1986 from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (class of D.Karasik, A.Kanevsky), in 1993 from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow (class of G.Chukhrai). Author of the poetic collection “Exclamation Mark” (1987). Wrote and directed the documentaries “I Will Advocate Myself” (1987), “Lord of the Flies” (1990), “Champion Number One” (1991), “Experiment of the Cross” (1995, with T.Popov), “Doomed to Survive” (2005), “Not about Dogs” (2010), “13 Kilometers” (2017), “Turkestan: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (2021) and others.
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