A friend of our festival, an outstanding director of feature and documentary films Michael Apted passed away this year. He always respected Russian culture. He made several films in Russia, both fiction and documentary, among them are "The Long Way Home" about Boris Grebenshchikov, "Gorky Park" based on the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky, and thanks to his idea, one of the important documentary projects "Born in the USSR". Also known for such works as the film about James Bond "And the whole world is not enough"; "Nell", which has received three Golden Globe Awards and one nomination for Academy Award, biographical drama "The Miner's Daughter", which received seven Academy Award nominations, including "Best Film". With his participation in the jury, he supported the Free Thought program, as head of the United States Filmmakers Guild of America. His documentary epic 63UP is a grandiose work, which was being shot for 56 years, starting at 14Up every seven years Michael Apted was a director of the series. In the history of cinema, this is the longest observation of life of a person and at the beginning of this year, just before his death, he said such a phrase “my protagonists are much more honest in who they are than most of the people I know ... or me. " This became his testament to all filmmakers.
Sergey Miroshnichenko
The Festival Daily