Films for the traditional Euphoria program were selected according to traditional criteria. These guidelines have always included emotional allure and artistic originality. But this year the dominant emotion is related to the Pandemic and consequent isolation. On the other hand this is a universal feeling. Traces of it can be found in movies made at the dawn of cinema and in recent ones, it has no geographical boundaries. There are other words for isolation – solitude, lack of communication, claustrophobia, absence of freedom, social distance. This year we have discovered all these notions anew and they have acquired a new previously unknown meaning. The same is true of the movies in this year’s program. The search for identity in the Greek Apples and the Argentinian The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet. The dream of the eternal life in the American Immortalist. The clash of female characters with patriarchate in the Spanish Mighty Flash and the Tunisian Black Medusa. The Japanese Sexual Drive. It is of no consequence whether these movies were shot before the Pandemic or at its height, they all fall into the present emotional context which we define as “euphoria of isolation”.
Andrey Plakhov
The Festival Daily