«#Dogpoopgirl» press conference report

On April 24, 2021, the press conference dedicated to the film «#Dogpoopgirl» by Romanian director Andrei Hutuleac took place. The film is in the Main Competition of the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival. Director and screenwriter Andrei Jutuleac, actress Andreea Gramosteanu and actor Tudor Istodor participated in the press conference. 
«#Dogpoopgirl» is a social satire with tragic elements about the Internet era. Inspired by real facts, the scenario proposes us a location in the Romanian space of the first online bullying case in the history of the Internet. In 2005, a woman’s dog poops on a metro car in Seoul, South Korea. For unknown reasons, the woman refuses to collect the mess, is photographed and the incident turns viral through an opinion blog.
«We decided to keep the connection with the real story only in the film title, #dogpoopgirl. The 2005 event isn't mentioned in the film, and I didn't make the «based on real events» title because it's a marketing instrument I'm not really fond of. Our film is a tragic farce that is connected to real life. I wrote the script 3,5 years ago, when I was scared by the power of the Internet. On the one hand, I like it that the Internet has become the means of social critique, made it accessible; on the other hand, people have started to use this instrument not for the good. And it’s not about their bad intentions — sometimes things just end up this way. The Internet has actively existed for about a decade, and we're still learning how to use it. At the moment, online space can inflict pain on a person, basing on social or public goals and high ideals. I am a humanist by nature and would like to focus on people,» director Andrei Hutuleac said. 
He is an actor by degree, and has worked in theatre a lot. «#Dogpoopgirl» is his directorial feature debut. 
«A theatre actor is a public personality and is used to interacting with people, including those you’d call haters. I’m a shy person and have never known how to react to those people. I just came up with what to say to them afterwards. So the film has become some sort of a reflection of this daydreaming,» Hutuleac said. 
Actress Andreea Gramosteanu stars as the main character. 
«It is the effect of surprise that dominates the film. My character is constantly caught unawares, she seems to be two steps behind everyone else. At the same time, I empathized with what she was going through, I played drama first and foremost, not satire,» the actress said. 
Her colleague, actor Tudor Istodor, added that while preparing to shoot the film, they rehearsed a lot and watched a lot of videos online. 
«When I saw the final cut, my feelings about the ending were mixed, it's so ambivalent. I tried to tell the story of someone who tried to do something good. How it ended up is a different matter. I believe that we should overcome the difficulties together and thus strive for a better life,» the actor said. 
Director Andrei Hutuleac also remembered the proverb «The road to hell is paved with good intentions».
«We should learn how to calibrate our good intentions not to inflict harm and pain on others,» Hutuleac said. 
He is now planning his next film — a feature about modern events in Romania, made not as a satire, but rather like a documentary. 
The Festival Daily