Information for journalists

Dear Colleagues!
The acceptance of applications for the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival is over.
Accredited to the festival journalists will receive until April, 15th email with the ID number. It will be required to receive an accreditation badge along with an identity card or media representative.
A media representative can pick up badges for all of his correspondents using a power of attorney. It should be written in any form on an official letterhead with the seal of the organization. The power of attorney must include the names of all correspondents, as well as the name and passport details of the person who collects the badges.
The issuance of accreditation badges will take place in the accreditation service of the 41st
Moscow International Film Festival at the «Oktyabr» cinema (Novy Arbat, 24) from April, 19th till April 29th.
PLEASE NOTE that you must wear medical masks and gloves in the Oktyabr cinema center, including the Accreditation Service. Visitors without personal protective equipment will not be admitted to the cinema center.
Working hours
April 19th – 29th - 11 am - 8 pm
April 22nd  - 11 am - 6 pm
April 29th  - 11 am - 2 pm
Please note that accreditation of any category DOES NOT INCLUDE a ticket for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as for all closed events within the festival.
Accreditation to the Red carpet is given on additional request only to film crews, photo and video correspondents.
Requests to send to the address
On the red carpet, Total black's dress code applies to everyone, including photo and video correspondents (black clothes and shoes, dark blue is allowed). In case of non-observance of the dress code, admission to the red carpet will be denied. 
The press office of the Moscow International Film Festival
Tel: +7 (926) 078-31-51


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