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She became instantly loved immediately after she first appeared in 1972 in “Big School-Break” by Alexey Korenev. Naturally, the song “We choose, we get chosen” played a certain role in that. But it wasn’t only about the music and lyrics. The young actress appeared refreshingly true, easy, very un-cinema like. Someone you could relate to. It was no coincidence that rumors started speculating that Svetlana was the daughter of the famous actor Nikolai Kryuchkov. People like to “marry” their favourite actors to one another and making relatives out of people with the same surnames. But it’s not the surname that relates Svetlana Kryuchkova to Nikolai Kryuchkov, it’s the very same popularity with audience. Kryuchkova is not simply a star, she is a serious actress, able of handing anything. After her debut on screen, she landed roles in both good and low-key TV films, and then all of a sudden she was Agafia Tikhonovna in “Marriage” (screen adaptation of Gogol’s play directed by Vitaly Melnikov). Then again, why “all of a sudden”? Thinking of it, of course she is the epitome of good catch – the one and only.  And the ordinary woman living next door, and Catherine the Great – it’s all her, Svetlana Kryuchkova. Because her performance is so delicate, it seems as if she is not even acting – she’s living. Even in supporting roles. Even in brief episodes. Without changing her appearance, Svetlana Kryuchkova appears to be a different person every time.  There aren’t that many actors in world cinema so amazingly natural and true, no matter how extravagant the characters they are playing are. At times it can even seem like the very same Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky is watching this outstanding talent together with us, like any minute he would elbow you slightly, lean forward and whisper: “I believe!” 
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