With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government and the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow

Young and Beautiful


This new Festival program resulted from the impossibility to ignore those who are so eager to be heard. “Philophobia” by the British Guy Davies, “Adoration” by Fabrice du Welz, “Mes jours de gloire” by Antoine de Bary, “Bird Talk” by Xawery Zulawski, “II” by the tireless Byelorussian Vlada Senkova, “Eunmi” by Jan Jeyon and the heavily charged with rap battle energy “Noise” by Daniella Rybakyan – these seven experiments in different genres by young and maturing directors represent their attempts to use the bird language of cinema to clamor, sing, whisper about the difficulties of being young. They won’t impress the viewer with the supernatural professionalism of directing, exquisite screenplay or perfection of acting, but they are absolutely, totally sincere and authentic. Incidentally, they are often brilliantly shot and edited, enough to arouse the envy of acknowledged masters. Young directors cannot imagine gnoseology without the sacral immersion in the digital/cloud world and the ability to put everything on-line. So they are well versed in the art of editing and all sorts of designer gimmicks. Generation Z probably cares about the same problems as their predecessors, but the world is very different, new challenges/viruses force the “young and beautiful” to update the old and invent the new language of cinema and peep into the future which they themselves are creating.