With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government and the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow

Time of Women


Films by women directors are spreading throughout the world while international festivals sign the 50/50 agreements expanding the share of such movies in their competitions and the number of women in selections committees. Gradually fem-optics is becoming more and more influential and diverse. Probably cinema is the most logical arena for the analysis of predominant popular ideas including feminist. The program “Time of Women” will introduce to the viewers interesting unconventional works by female directors which participated and won awards at the most prominent international film festivals. One of the movies addresses the problem of the #MeToo movement as it has altered the women’s perception of their own trauma and dignity in addition to being a milestone in opposing violence and sexual harassment. The program will also address the relationship of women and religion in the secularized Western society focusing on the destructive effect of religious dogmas on a creative personality. It will touch upon the mother-daughter relationship which is a frequent topic in feminine cinema. It will highlight the lonely urban lady which is common for the landscape of large cities. Most certainly there will be films about the family and child deviant behavior which does not fit into the heavily regulated adult world and looks like a revolt and a destructive challenge. Among the participant countries are Germany, China, USA, Switzerland, Norway, South Korea.