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«The Barren Bride» press conference report

On October 5, 2020, the press conference dedicated to the film «The Barren Bride» by Indian director Jadab Mahanta took place. The film participates in the Main Competition of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival. Director and producer Jadab Mahanta and co-producer Uma Da Cunha participated in the conference online. 
In rural Assam, India, a girl’s onset of menstruation is celebrated publicly through elaborate rituals symbolising her readiness for childbearing and marriage. But the young Gunati suffers from a disease that obstructs menstruation, placing her in a pitiable, degrading situation. She faces a dilemma, when, despite her condition, a young man proposes marriage.
«I'm from Assam myself, and know rural life and local traditions very well. During my studies, I was looking for a topic for my first film and met a fellow female student, who had the same problem as my character. And this story resonated with me and seemed very interesting. I talked to my classmate, she helped with various rituals existing in Assam, where she is also from. That's how this film came about,» Mahanta said. 
He is a debutant, unline the film's producer Uma Da Cunha, who discovered the project at the Indian talent market Film Bazaar. 
«This film's project recevied an important prize, and when I heard about the idea, I asked Jadab to send me a link to all materials and the script. In India, a woman's function is very orthodox – she should give birth to children, and barren women are given the cold shoulder. This story resonated with me because I’m also barren, I’m married, but don’t have children. And I understand that a woman can find her place in life without having kids. So after finding out about Jadab’s story, I decided to help him. The film had almost been finished by then, but a few corrections were added when I joined the project,» Uma Da Cunha said. 
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