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«Dissolve» press conference report

On October 2, 2020, the press conference report dedicated to the film «Dissolve» by the South Korean director Kim Ki-duk took place. The picture is part of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival's Main Competition. Director Kim Ki-duk, producer and actress Dinara Zhumagalieva and actor Sanjar Madi participated in the press conference via online feed. 
Girl-1 in the film is bound by a traditional family and a householf. She meets Girl-2, who looks like her twin sister. That girl leads a free life, has a rich sponsor, who provides her with anything she desires. One day Girl-2 comes home to Girl-1, abruptly and defiantly speaks with her mother and brother. From then on, the two exchange roles and help each other. However, the further it goes on, the more dangerous the situation gets for Girl-1.  
«This is a story about a girl who dissolves in two people, about the fact that everything can split in two, can seem different and opposed, but is still a single entity,» Kim Ki-duk said.
«Dissolve» is the first film by the South Korean filmmaker that was made in Kazakhstan. As Kim Ki-duk admitted, he had always «dreamt about travelling and making movies». In 2012, he visited Kazakhstan for the first time, but it was years later that he was able to shoot a film there.  
«Kazakhstan is a wonderful country, very cinematographic. Having studied its culture and society, I decided that I would shoot my film there. Still, the film is not about Kazakhstan, it is global, international, a work without borders,» the director said. 
The film was shot in Russian. 
«All of the actors whom I shot in Kazakhstan and later in Kyrzygstan speak great Russian, and I wanted the film to be understood by as many people as possible. I’ve never had any trouble with foreign languages. It takes a little time to stay in the country and find out more about the local people and their way of life,» Kim Ki-duk said. 
Leading lady and the film's producer Dinara Zhumagalieva said that the film's idea was born from chaos, and the shooting was very short – that's how Kim Ki-duk usually works. The script written by the director was translated into Russian, and no one was “lost in translation” on set. 
«Kim Ki-duk can explain anything with gestures. As a director, he intuitively sees what someone wants to know, what one should know and how to explain it in the best way. In the translated script, we had to edit a few phrases not to lose zest, as it often happens in translation,» Zhumagalieva said. 
Her colleague Sanjar Madi admitted that it was very exciting to work with Kim Ki-duk, and he is glad that he agreed to participate in the picture, despite having a «sensitive role».  
At the moment, Kim Ki-duk continues his geographical and cinematographic journey, preparing to shoot his next film in Estonia. He promised to make a film in Russia someday.
«I've been to many countries, but it is this region that has something very cinematographic about it, and I think that the future of cinema is here,» Kim Ki-duk concluded. 
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