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«Peaches And Cream» press conference report

On October 3, 2020, the press conference dedicated to the film «Peaches And Cream» by Gur Bentwich took place. The picture is part of the Main Competition of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival. Director, screenwriter and actor Gur Bentwich, actress and editor Maya Kenig, actor Dover Koshashvili participated in the press conference via online feed. 
The film tells the story of a neurotic film director, whose fear of failure, death, and losing control all surface on the night his new film is released. The urge to expose his film to the whole world and his obsession with the film’s failing distribution campaign create an unforgettable night—at least for him and his band of eccentric friends.
«My character is a dinosaur of sorts, he is stuck in the past. I made him that way on purpose. He is a fanatic, who is faithful to his outdated ideology,» the director said.
Unlike his character, Bentwich tries to move with the times, but there are undoubtedly autobiographical elements in the film. 
«Two main tragedies of my life are a heart attack and the failure of my previous film. It didn't happen simultaneously, though. However, when you are creating a good story, you're trying to set up those cause and effect relations. Maybe they didn't happen in real life, but they work wonders on screen, so I combined them in this film,» Bentwich said. 
Director explained the unsuccessful distribution of his previous film: his movies, «on the one hand, resemble comedies, and on the other hand, are serious and even tragic», so it is quite difficult to put them into one precise distribution category. «Peaches And Cream» is partly a tragicomedy, and Bentwich came up with a bright colour solution for it, along with the picture's director of photography Guy Raz.
«It all started out with the DOP wanting to make a black-and-white picture. I don't know why, but many of them dream of shooting in black and white. I was insisting on colour, though. So we decided to take the colour solution to the extreme. By accident, the yellow hoodie our character is wearing emerged, and the film's entire colour scheme based on that. Our esthetic idea was to show a lot of colour and light to emphasize the events happening in the main character's head, because most of it takes place in his head anyway,» the director said. 
Maya Kenig, Gur Bentwich's wife, played the leading part in the film. 
«My character meets Maya's character a year ago, and it's unclear if they will stay together or break up. We have lived with Maya for 18 years, and it also highlights the difference between me and my character. For him, the only thing existing in life is art, while I believe that life has a lot more to offer,» Bentwich said.
The actress herself admitted that she had to cry on screen for the first time in her life. 
«Before, my characters used to be colder and more reserved. Here, though, my character who is initially reserved too goes through very emotional states. I had to immerse into some sad events of my own life, just to place myself in this kind of tragic trance, to help me cry,» Maya Kenig said. 
Famous Israeli actor and director Dover Koshashvili also played one of the key roles in the film. 
«My character is a taxi driver and also a guardian angel of sorts. And it is this character expressing this fundamental idea of christian salvation that I had to play, from the ethical and esthetic points of view,» Koshashvili said. 
The film's director also said that not only Koshashvili's character, but also the main character's friends are important for the topic of salvation. 
«Everything we have left is a little help from our friends. And just as our character gets some, I receive a lot of help from mine,» Gur Bentwich concluded. 
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