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Presentation of the book Italy-Russia. A century of cinema

The book “Italy-Russia. A century of cinema” will be presented online at 11am on Tuesday October 6 at TASS agency in Moscow. The Ambassador of Italy to Russia Pasquale Terracciano, State Secretary-Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alla Manilova, TASS General Director Sergei Mikhailov, Director of the Cinematography Department Svetlana Maksimchenko, Program Director of the Moscow Film Festival Kirill Razlogov and film critic Vsevolod Korshunov will take part in presentation.
The publication of “Italy-Russia. A century of cinema” completes the trilogy conceived by the Italian Embassy in Moscow. It is dedicated to the cultural and artistic Italian-Russian relations in the disciplines where they have found their most intense expression over the centuries: architecture, music, and, now, cinema. 
“Italy-Russia. A century of cinema”, edited by Olga Strada and Claudia Olivieri (project coordinator is Counselor Walter Ferrara), and made possible with the support of the Lavazza company, focuses on an original theme, the Italian-Russian cooperation in the cinematographic art. A field of study not sufficiently investigated, so far, within the Italian-Russian cultural relationships, which have always been characterized by an extraordinary breadth of themes, and a great depth of content.
The first presentation of the book in Italy took place in Venice, in the framework of the recent 77th International Film Festival. The publication was presented by Ambassador Terracciano and the book editors; director Andrei Konchalovsky also joined the presentation. The event was received unanimously positive both by the professional community and the broader audience; it also attracted journalists' attention: articles and reports about the book appeared in the leading Italian media.
According to Ambassador Terracciano, “this is a valuable material testimony of the excellent level of cultural relations between Italy and Russia, which further confirms the important role of culture as an indispensable foundation of a long and happy history of strong and excellent Italian-Russian relations in all major areas of bilateral cooperation”. 
Published both in Italian and Russian, the book aims to illustrate, according to a chronological sequence and an innovative approach, the history of the cinematic experiences which have united the two countries since the dawn of cinema, highlighting some of their most fruitful collaborations which have marked the history of the cinematic world.
The publication, of great scientific interest, contains contributions from some of the most important Italian and Russian scholars who, with a view to systematizing the film evolution of the two countries, have deeply explored various issues from the early 1900 to the present day. With over thirty essays, interviews, and records, this work is the result of the collaboration of more than twenty Italian and Russian institutions associated with cinema and a wider cultural landscape. To these, are to be added the press agencies ANSA and TASS which have made their photographic archives available.
This volume represents a “unicum” of its kind. Today there are, in fact, no studies which organically deal with the different phases of the Italian-Russian film history within a single publication. The book shows materials, illustrations, and photographic documentation, mostly unpublished, proving the extraordinary cinematic Italian-Russian journey from an original and fascinating perspective.
In the year of important anniversaries linked to great personalities from the world of cinema such as Federico Fellini, Tonino Guerra and Alberto Sordi, this “mighty work”, as the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, points out in his preface, becomes an incentive for Italy and Russia “to continue along the path of shared projects to be implemented with a view to a common vision that is always positive and prospective”. 
And it is precisely cinema, as the Russian Minister for Culture, Olga Ljubimova, in turn observes, that enhances this spirit of collaboration, being an art that “requires a synergy from the outset and represents an expression of a collective creation, in which each single element becomes essential for the success of the general artistic idea”.
In the book took part: Lora Guerra, Silvia d'Amico, Maurizio Cabona, Elvira Kamenshchikova, Andrei Konchalovsky, Barbara Corsi, Vsevolod Korshunov, Katerina Cucinotta, Giuseppina Larocca, Evgenia Litvin, Eugenij Margolit, Giulia Marcucci, Nikita Mikhalkov, Carlo Montanaro, Fortunato Nocera, Claudia Olivieri, Stefano Pizu, Laura Piccolo, Andrei Plakhov, Anatoly Romanenko, Giovanni Spagnoletti, Olga Strada, Bianca Sulpasso, Massimo Tria, Walter Ferrara, Rino Sciarretta, Andrey Shishkin, Alena Shumakova.
The Italian Embassy in Moscow thanks: the Biennale Historical Archive, the Cineteca di Bologna Foundation, the National Cinema Museum of Turin, the Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage, “Mosfil’m” Film Studios, the Cinema Museum of Moscow, the “Gosfil’mofond” Russian State Film Archive, the “Sojuzmul’tfil’m” Film Studios, the National Central Library of Florence, the Andrej Tarkovskij International Institute, the Vjaceslav Ivanov Study Centre of Rome, the Russian State Archives of Literature and Art, the State Archive of Russian Federation, the Russian State Library, the Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow, the Eltsin Centre, the Misiano, Vitrotti, Carlo Montanaro Archives, the Arengario Studio Bibliografico and the Cinemateca Portuguesa.
The presentation will take place online. The broadcast will be available on the website of TASS (https://tass.ru/press/11333), and on the Facebook page of TASS and Facebook of the Embassy of Italy in Moscow. 
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