With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government and the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow

Business square


On October 1-3, the business site of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival will operate at the “October” Festival center (hall 9) and at the Moscow film school, the education partner, in the traditional format, in compliance with all necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards.
This business platform will host the XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants with the total prize fund of 3 million rubles, as well as a panel discussion of the topic “Making films in Russia. Presentation of regional cinema clusters". There will also be open talks on "How to bring debut movies to the world markets? Presentation of the EAVE on DEMAND in RUSSIA program", "How 2020 changed the cinema and TV series", as well as the presentation of the CHILL web series platform and Anna Gudkova's book "Pitching. How to present and sell your idea."
950 applications were sent to participate in the pitching. The Selection committee and the Expert panel shortlisted  40 projects in "Feature films", "Feature short films", "Documentaries", "TV series", "Web series"(this category is included for the first time), "Work-in-progress" categories. In each category the prize of 500,000 rubles will be awarded, as well as the prizes from the partners and pitching experts.
According to the results of the XII Moscow Pitching of debutants, held in 2019, 7 films have been made or are in production: short films: "Sonya Likes, Sonya Doesn't Like." (dir. Natalia Belyaeva), "Pot" (dir. Denis Kurlaev); web series: "Natural Selection" (dir. Kirill Alyokhin); documentaries: "Life Is Fun" (dir. Yulia Bobkova, Marina Maria Melnik, Andrey Ananin), "The House We Lived In" (dir. Kristina Khabarova); full-length films: "Spleen" (dir. Alexey Kamynin), "Yards" (dir. Andrey Korytko).
A panel discussion about regional cinema clusters will be attended by representatives of the Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ulyanovsk regions, Kamchatka krai (territory), Krasnodar krai (territory), Perm krai (territory), the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Khakassia and other regions of Russia.
All events will be held in the traditional festival format to comply with all necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards, the number of participants to be restricted (not to exceed 50 people). The Moviestart youtube channel will host a simultaneous online broadcast of all the events of the business site.

Program of events.

October 1. "October" Festival center. Hall 9.
10: 00-12: 00. XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants. Category: "Documentary films". Moderated by Oleg Bogatov.
Expert panel:
Sergey Miroshnichenko (Chairperson), Art Director of the MIFF documentary program;
Angelina Golikova, Producer, “Ostrov” studio, Producer of the MIFF documentary program;
Evgeniy Grigoriev, Vice-President, Guild of non-fiction films and television, film and theater director, advertizing director, founder of “Pervoe kino” studio;
Leonid Demchenko, Head of department, Department of state support for the production of non-fiction and animated national films; Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture of Russia;
Irina Izvolova, Project leader, "Ostrova" project of the "Culture” TV channel;
Vladislav Ketkovich, Founder and director general, "Ethno-geographical Research Fund» non-commercial organization;
Svetlana Kolosova, Director, I Channel documentary films Directorate
Alyona Smirnova,  Film director, documentary films service, VGTRK , “Russia” Channel;
Evgeniy Subochev, Business development manager, Professional equipment Department, CANON;
Alexey Khanyutin, President, Guild of non-fiction films, director, producer.
12:30-13:30. Presentation of the book by Anna Gudkova - "Pitching. How to present and sell your idea."
14:00-15:30. Open Talk - "How to bring debut movies to the world markets? Presentation of the EAVE on DEMAND in RUSSIA program" with “Roskino” company. 
16:00-18:00. XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants. Category: "Short feature films."
Expert panel: 
Vladimir Grammatikov (Chairperson),  Creative producer,“Walt Disney Company CIS”;
Olga Bazhenova, Managing partner, EASTWOOD AGENCY;      
Andrey Bogatyrev, General Director, "Khleb" company, director, producer;
Natalia Goydenko, Executive director, National Fund for Support of Copyright Holders;
Kirill Zaitsev, Actor, director, producer;
Andrey Zolotaryev, Scriptwriter;
Mikhail Klochkov, Editor-in-chief, “Start” online platform;
Dmitry Kotov, Rector, “Arka” Higher Cinema School;
Maria Sitkovskaya, Executive director, Universal University, director, Moscow film school;
Evgeniy Subochev, Business development manager, Professional equipment Department, CANON;
Konstantin Fam, General producer, “Ark Pictures” Company, film director;
Vladimir Fenchenko, teacher, head of workshops for feature film directors at VGIK, VKSR, and the N. S. Mikhalkov Academy.
October 2. "October” Festival center. Hall 9.
10: 00-11: 45. XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants. Category: "Web series".
Expert panel:
Anton Kalinkin, (Chairperson), Film and TV director, scriptwriter, producer, founder of “The Digital Reporter” resource and Association of web-series production; General producer, “RealistWebFest” web-series international festival;
David Kocharov, General producer, IVI Originals;
Natalia Grigorieva, Deputy editor-in-chief, Digital reporter website;
Victor Kravchenko, Showrunner, “Dikiy Digital” Studio;
Andrey Klass, Head of department, VGTRK Digital Environment Development Department; 
Konstantin Mayer, Scriptwriter, producer, “Drug Druga” film company;
Jean Prosyanov, Editor-in-chief of “Kino-Teatr.ru” website;
Svetlana Sonina, Deputy General Director, Internet Development Institute;
Diana Starobinskaya, Editor, “Art Pictures Vision” company;
Anna Tsukanova-Kott,  Actress, blogger;
Tori Tsuryupa, Producer, “Yandex.Studia” producer center.
12:15-13:15. Open talk. "How 2020 changed the cinema and TV series". Moderated by Egor Moskvitin, film critic.
13:45-15:30. XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants. Category: "TV series".
Expert panel: 
Igor Mishin (Chairperson), Vice President for media business development at MTS;
Alexander Akopov, General Director, COSMOS studio company;
Susana Alperina, PhD (philology), producer, film and TV reviewer of “Rossiskaya Gazeta”, program director of  “Chitka” film adaptation festival;
Anna Arutyunova, Head of the international Department of TV3 channel, selector on behalf of the CIS countries at the “Temnye Nochi” international Tallinn film festival;
Tatyana Belichenko, General Director, ”Stardust Agency”;
Vasily Korvyakov, Chief Editor, NTV film and TV series Directorate;
Sergey Mayevsky, Leading producer of MTS Media;
Egor Moskvitin, Film critic;
Vladislav Rubin, Creative producer, “Yandex Studio” producter center;
Vladislav Ryashin, Founder and General producer, “Start Media” Company;
Ivan Samokhvalov, General Director, "Sreda» production company;
Irina Sosnovaya, Producer, showrunner, "Start" video service.
16:00-17:30. Panel discussion "Making films in Russia. Presentation of regional cinema clusters".
The attendees represent more than 10 regional cinema clusters.
Moderated by Maria Lemesheva, Editor-in-chief, “Kinoreporter”magazine”. 
18:00-19:30. XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants. Category: "Feature films".
Expert Panel:
Oleg Ivanov (Chairperson) - film expert;
Maria Vogt, General Director, " Bulletin kinoprokatchika” magazine;
Artur Gyulumyan,  General producer, "Paradise" company»;
Ekaterina Kononenko, General producer, “Versus Pictures” film company;
Maxim Lyubovich, Adviser, Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation;
Yuri Obukhov, General Director,  “KARO Production”;
Fyodor Popov, General Director, "Stella" creative studio and " VGIK-Debut” studio;
Nina Romodanovskaya, Editor-in-chief, “ProfiCinema” website;
Maxim Ukhanov, Deputy Director, “STV”, General Director "Nashe kino” company;
Ekaterina Filippova, General producer, “Atlantic film” company;
Natalia Kharybina, Creative producer of feature films at the M. Gorky film Studio.
20:00-21:30. XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants. Category: "Work-in-progress".
Expert panel:
Vadim Potapov, (Chairperson), Deputy General Director, “Kinoprime” Fund;
Ekaterina Borodacheva, General Director, “Rossiyskiy kinobusiness” International film market;
Evgeniy Goryainov, Sound director;
Natalia Ivanova, General producer, "Khorosho production” company;
Nina Kochelyaeva, General Director, New Institute of Cultural Studies; Program director, Sochi International Film Festival, “Budem Zhit” Moscow Film Festival;
Elena Podolskaya, General Director, “ANT!PODE Sales & distribution” company;
Evgeniya Podobreevskaya, Head of Corporate social responsibility, Gazprom-Media Holding;
Anatoliy Sergeev, General Director, “Kinologistika” company;
Shlikht Polina, General Director, “Monumental production”.
October 3. Moscow film school.
10:00-17:00. One on one meetings of the experts and participants of the XIV Moscow Pitching of debutants and the business site.
The business site of the Moscow International Film Festival is organized by the MIFF Directorate, the Youth center of the Filmmakers Union of Russia with support from the National Fund for copyright holders, Canon, the CHILL web series platform, and the Association of film and television producers.
Educational partner: "Moscow film school".
Contact information.
Youth Center of the Union of the Filmmakers of Russia
Ul. Vasilievskaya 13, Build. 1, Office 35, Dom kino, Moscow, 123056
Additional information and comments for mass media:
Darya Tarasova +7 925 613 16 09
Victoria Antimenko +7 916 720 31 66
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