People now live longer. Humanity is getting older and it entails new social and psychological problems. In different countries famous artists and film stars are getting older too. They are still talented and famous, scripts are written for them specifically and with them screen characters are getting older. These processes are reflected in the program “The Third Age” which refers to the period of life from 50 and onwards. As our program demonstrates, the notion of “the fourth age” (over 75) recently introduced by sociologists and culturologists is pertinent in cinema, especially in the Eastern countries like Japan, where almost the entire population consists of long-living persons. 
While the movie “My Retirement, My Life” deals with getting to terms with a new way of life with no schedule and daily routine, “Long Good-bye” by Ryota Nakano introduces us to the complexities of communicating with the older generation suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which causes the total memory loss.
The Chinese “Koali and Rice” speaks about the rich spiritual life and human relations at an older age, when life is becoming increasingly difficult.
The Dutch “Happy Ending” and the Spanish “Meow” demonstrate that similar problems plague Europe as well. If we look at the Festival program from this angle, these problems seem universal, though everywhere they take a different shape. It depends on a large variety of circumstances beginning with the climate and ending with the legislation, the cultural and historical traditions. It is the latter that add special interest to the instructive stories related in the films included in the “Third Age” program.
Kirill Razlogov