In recent years the Moscow Film Festival has lost touch with contemporary developments in other arts. The reason is that the authors of the Mediaforum program have found a more suitable venue in the sphere of fine arts and are now preparing an extended platform in the new spaces of the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. When this project is completed we hope to renew our cooperation. In the meanwhile as an interim measure aimed at integrating the festival into the current artistic process we offer the program “The World of Arts”.
It will open with “The White Crow” by Ralf Fiennes which deals with the Soviet period in the life and work of Rudolf Nureev, a famous ballet dancer who lately became the central figure of several documentaries and feature films.
Fine art as such is represented by the original documentary ”Great Extremes Kulakov” by Vladimir Nepevny. “Timelife by the Algerian Hamid Benamra study the interaction of life and arts beyond the opposition of “non-live-action and live action” (Eisenshtein).
I believe that the most  controversial movie will be the aesthetist film combining unorthodox religious propaganda with the explicit sexual episodes. This is the Brazilian “Divine Love” In this context it is close to the Balkan co-production screened in “Euphoria of Illusions” entitled “God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunija”. The director of “Divine Love” Gabriel Mascaro works both in cinema and in arts. He was a participant of the Venetian Biennale, the main visual arts event in the world, his films were screened at the Sundance festival in the USA and the Panorama section of the latest Berlinale, where he received mixed reviews including those from the members of the Selection Committee of the MIFF.
Kirill Razlogov