Russian contribution to the world cinematic process is not limited to our national (Russian, Soviet and once again Russian) cinema. Natives of Russia (Yalta, Odessa, Rybinsk) played a part in founding Hollywood and continue to work in this centre of American and world cinema, they have contributed their talent and cultural traditions to different film industries of the world. In the present version of “Russian Trace” Pushkin’s name unexpectedly surfaces in the French study of the ups and downs of the literary career “Le mystère Henri Pick” by Rémi Bezançon with the brilliant Fabrice Luchini playing the leading part. In this context the title of the Canadian documentary “Memory Is Our Homeland ” by  Jonathan Durand has a symbolic ring. A documentary by Dolya Gavanski “Women’s Day” connects this problem with the one of the main themes of the present Festival, which is women’s destinies.
Russian women Elena Cosson in France and Elena Tikhonova in Austria directed two popular and generically close movies «#Moscow-Royan» and «Caviar». They go hand in hand with the Japanese male historical reconstruction “The Prisoner Of Sakura” and Miguel Angel Moulet eventual symbolic  film “We Are All Sailors” (Peru – Dominican Republic). And this is but a small part of our cinematic planet. To be continued….
Kirill Razlogov