The MIFF is attempting to blaze its own trail in the ocean of TV and on-line series which are becoming increasingly popular lately. The series have rapidly gone from a vulgar genre to artistically independent, though as yet infrequent, samples of contemporary art.  Whilst the language of cinema evolves and develops primarily in opposition to accepted trends, the aim of various series is to be modern and popular simultaneously. That explains why the authors face more difficulties in attaining real artistic heights than feature-film directors. Today the creators of this audio-visual product have to satisfy the tastes of sophisticated consumers, while only recently series were considered the domain of undemanding housewives. And they did rise to the challenge as is evidenced by the works of Russian directors like “Identification” by Vladlena Sandu, “Trigger” by Dmitri Tyurin, “Nadezhda” by Elena Khazanova. World and Russian premieres of the above mentioned and other works of national filmmakers and glimpses of “first episodes” of some series from Israel («Just For Today»), Great Britain («Chimerica» and «Informer» )and Italy («Gomorrah» ) make up the plot of this new program. Our special thanks to Anna Arutyunova for her immense assistance in compiling this program.
Asia Kolodizhner