This year the traditional MIFF program centers on movies about characters possessed by strong emotions and fixed ideas. Even though some of them look like chamber dramas, global conflicts and moral dilemmas of our time loom in the background. It is the acute migration crisis, the burst of nationalism, the reorientation of gender policy, the resistance of patriarchal traditions to the onset of new morals.
“God Exists. Her Name is Petrunia” is an energetic manifesto of Balkan feminism. In the documentary “M.” we are acquainted with the real stories of the Israelis, victims of the vicious circle of violence, who don’t want to remain obediently silent any longer. “The Right to Kill”, another movie in the program, tries to preserve its stance, but is opposed by the changing mentality of people. And this local factor is gaining more and more weight in the balance of power in the contemporary world.