VGIK is one hundred years old and it seems truly fantastic. Probably the reason is that those who were there at the beginning, who taught the students at 4 Selskhokhoziyastvenny street, which was later renamed reflecting the unforgettable genesis of Soviet ideological maxims (children of the Millennium will wonder who Wilhelm Pieck is), all those amazing people embody the youthful spirit which we associate with this exciting institution. VGIK is a hundred years old but all its graduates still seem “to be twenty” like in Khutsiev’s famous movie. All those who came here after the war; and in the glorious days of “the thaw”; and in the desolate but not hopeless 70s and 80s which seemed to be lying low anticipating changes; and in the tempestuous hopeful creative 90s, when the experience of the past decades was nearly thrown overboard. And certainly the present-day VGIK generation which is mastering new technologies with cosmic speed, avidly devouring new democratic ways of film production. VGIK is more than an institute, it is a living matrix of our film history, it is the legendary classes of famous cameramen Boris Volchek, Leonid Kosmatov, Anatoly Golovnia, Vadim Yusov. Students of these renowned screen masters have brought glory to VGIK throughout the world, collecting awards at the most prominent film festivals. We decided to celebrate the 100t anniversary as well and give a chance to the modern generation of the Moscow Film Festival viewers to acquaint themselves with the less famous but all the more amazing DOP works by outstanding VGIK graduates who collaborated with national and foreign filmmakers.