The idea behind the Spectrum program is to broaden – geopolitically, aesthetically, formally – the boundaries of the cinematic “spectrum” which emerges in the course of the current film season. The program abounds in striking, at times provocative films which are bound to arouse discussions. There are dazzling debuts (“Soldiers. Story from Ferentari” by Ivana Mladenovic, “Holiday” by Isabella Eklöf) as well as movies from those regions which are sadly becoming rare guests at the Moscow Film Festival   (“The Pomegranate Orchard” by the Azerbaijani director Ilgar Najaf). It includes unusual works by acknowledged masters (“Madame Hyde” by Serge Bozon starring the unparalleled Isabelle Huppert), the newest art-house premieres (“Land” by Babak Jalali), a movie by the ascending Italian duo Matteo Botrugno and Daniele Coluccini  called “Il contagio”. Many of the filmmakers will present their works in person.