In the third millennium we are facing new global problems that affect all the humanity. Migration of people has shattered the traditional way of life of entire countries and continents. Social networks have not only become a new player in the life of every individual, who dived headlong into virtual reality, they also demonstrate the power to determine state policies and even shape the way we feel and think.
The ideals that for centuries seemed solid as rock are quickly fading away. It turns out that every truth that seemed to be the   foundation of life is to be proved again – from scratch. 
It is in the nature of documentary filmmakers to feel the wind of change a bit earlier than others, to try to comprehend where from it blows , where  and why it blows. 
The Free Thought program as always collects the films we consider are among the most important films of the year. Winners of the most respected international festivals, box office champions and films that reflect the most significant trends of the new times.
A flurry of  interest in the social and political issues cannot go unnoticed, but  in the best films the authors speak about acute problems  of today and events that have become of vital importance through the portraits of people, people who are worth  admiring for their quiet and unheralded fight for their ideals even if the enemy is immensly richer and much more powerful.
They also show people who definitely don't arouse any kind feelings, but the authors are trying to analyze and understand why they are like that, what their strengths and weakness are.
The events of the global history can really be understood only through an individual’s life. Maybe that is why so many prominent artists turn to documentary, like Ai Weiwei who created a documentary fresco about displaces people, or Pedro Almodovar who produced a documentary investigation about people who fight against the “conspiracy of silence” surrounding – even today! -  the crimes of General Franco’s regime.
The Free Thought tries to  remain the meeting place for looking for truth. We never close the door to sincere statements but at the same time we are trying to distance from things that can push the humanity to new conflicts and catastrophes.
We are sure that documentary is the best way to express  free thought - it makes us think, compare, analyze and, most important, not to be silent.