Yuri Arabov: “Andrei Proshkin took risks of this script”. Press Conference - Orleans

June 22, 2015 saw the press conference held by the creators of Orleans film, a participant of the main competition of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival. The film director Andrei Proshkin, producer Igor Mishin, screenwriter Yuri Arabov and actors Elena Liadova, Victor Sukhorukov, Vitaly Khayev and Oleg Yagodin attended the meeting with the journalists. 
Yuri Arabov shared that the script was written in 2009 and didn’t have any prospects for success. But when he met Andrei Proshkin the idea was revived. “It was quite risky for Andrei to take on this film,” Arabov said. “But it was the fate that helped”. 
The film was shot as a grotesque which is a difficult genre for the Russian film directors. It resulted in a “bad taste movie”, which was exactly the basis of the script. The initial idea of Yuri Arabov was to show a story of a “good” maniac: “The plots about maniacs have considerably deteriorated since Hitchcock shot his masterpiece, Psycho. Film directors exploited it a lot making it even worse. This character gained new qualities and finally transformed into an image of Conscience. These new qualities are a reflection of the world I live in and what I believe in”.  
Addressing the actors the media wondered about Oleg Yagodin’s acting experience. The part in Orleans has turned out to be Oleg’s debut in cinema. “Working in a theatre is more interesting and attractive for me, I started to get used to the camera only in the middle of the shooting process,” he said.  As Vitaly Khayev observed, their cooperation with the film director is another stage of their long film friendship. He also said that the film director can find new parts for the actor to let him show his talent from different perspectives. 
The soundtrack produced by the British band The Tiger Lillies has an unusual background story, which the producer of Orleans told the journalists. He said that the music of The Tiger Lillies so perfectly harmonized with the film that they didn’t want any other tunes. Luckily, the band happened to have a gig in Moscow where Andrei Proshkin met them and they agreed to record a special film soundtrack album. However, as some time passed, the frontman of the band insisted that their music should not be used in the film. After long negotiations they agreed to add some additional information in the captions stating that the musicians’ vision is different from the vision of the film director. 
The producer’s plans about the film screening are very optimistic. Orleans is due to be shown to the public in September and released on 400 screens all over the country. The creators refer to the experience of Birdman that managed to get big box office receipts in spite of its specific genre. “We believe there is an audience in Russia, maybe about 2 million people that are interested in watching art mainstream”, Igor Mishin claimed. “We are sure that our film will find its audience.” 
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