Well, not completely missing. With Timur Bekmambetov supervising the production, there already was a movie which was entirely confined to the square of the laptop. Now he is directing the second film in the history of world cinema which presents “screen life” as the author defines it. It is given disproportionately little time in a world which can’t fathom itself without gadgets and social networks and all but ignoring the so called “real life”. The movie “Profile” compensates for the lack of it more than adequately.  We are also familiar with characters enthusiastically and in detail dealing with their sexuality. But the Romanian Adina Pintilie breaks all records in her “Touch Me Not”. The 50-year-old protagonist chases away complexes resulting from her father’s harassment, in séances of group sex therapy with people with various inborn deformities and serious abnormalities. But then, what is “normal”? questions one of the characters whose only extremity is his penis, in the movie which won the Berlinale this year
Every year the title of the program acquires new meaning. Originally this section was intended for works which for various reasons were overlooked by Russian festivals and distribution. Today the stress is on the idea that none of these films are likely to make it into national distribution.
It is not only “here”, but also “now”, because – come to think of it – all the 21st century we’ve been watching movies that we could see in the past century. Cinema of the new generation – unafraid of new realia and new forms of affecting the conscious and the subconscious of the modern viewer, aware of the best means to make a lasting impression on him, avoiding the trite stereotypes of narrativity, soulfulness and culture, stylistically and semantically daring, unperturbed by its sometimes shocking effect on the retrogrades -  is still lacking in the 21st century. In this program we’ll attempt to at least partially fill this void.
Stas Tyrkin