Short film competition, part one: press conference report

On April 24, 2018, the press conference on the first part of the short film competition took place. The filmmakers presented their works: ‘Circus’ (director Tariq Vasudeva), ‘Tombe’ (director Diana Kardumyan, producer Ani Vorskanyan), ‘Joy’ (director Vladimir Munkuev), ‘Double’ (director Ronak Jafari). 
«Short film is a unique format. It can be the first step in exploring a topic towards a feature, but can also be a self-standing genre,» Vasudeva believes. 
According to him, it's not easy to make short movies in India. 
«We have Bollywood in India, it's a huge industry, and it's not difficult to get money for comedies, entertaining films. But if you have a serious idea, you should look for grants, festivals, hope for the film's international potential, or bend over backwards yourself — look for the money in your family or friends,» the director said. 
His film 'Circus' explores the issue of relations between men and women in a big Indian city. 
«These relations are placed into the context of a city. Despite the film being entirely fictional, the story reflects the life reality in India,» Tariq Vasudeva noted. 
Director Vladimir Munkuev represents Russia in the competition. He has just graduated from the Moscow Film School this year. 'Joy' is his final project, and he already made a feature after that. 
«At first, I wanted to try this format and understand if I'd be up for making a feature. Many young filmmakers start with big formats, but I didn't dare to do that, and decided to make a short movie first,» Munkuev said. 
According to him, a short film can become a business card for young filmmakers, allowing them to take part in festivals, meet new people, other filmmakers and producers. 
The producer of the film 'Tombe' Ani Vorskanyan thinks that the only way to show one's short is a festival screening. However, distributors have now offered her to combine three shorts by Diana Kardumyan in an almanac and release it.  
«Even when I start shooting features, I'll still come back to the format of shorts. It's like a short story that has many layers for me. And I really like this format,» Kardumyan said. ,
According to Ronak Jafari, a short is a way to find one's way in the cinema world, a way to present oneself. 
«Short film is a very important experience for an emerging filmmaker. Not everyone dares to take up a feature straight away, and it's on the short film that one can test oneself, see one's issues, tortures, doubts, and then cope with them and grow up in the art of filmmaking. So it's an important experience,» Jafari said.